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In the industry Christian Louboutin Platforms

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In the industry Christian Louboutin Platforms

In 1963, Paris, the creator of "Red bottom shoes" Christian Louboutin was born in a worker's family, now all the brilliant resulted from his childhood special experience. Once he passed the Oceanic Art museum in Paris, saw a significant icon at the door, a pair of cone-shaped high-heeled shoes were threaded by two rows of thick cross line told the women to care for the designs on woodwork wood floor inside of the exhibition hall. He was addicted to this beautiful high-heeled shoes, seemed to be the first time to find shoes can also be so beautiful.

When Paris is in a period of economic recovery, the scene of luxury and dissipation filled in the society, every people was singing and dancing at that time. Christian Louboutin could not resist the temptation from the outside and usually went to the The Palace Club to have fun. He was at the age of 14. Here, he realized what was fashion. At the same time he was addicted to stage performances and the female dancers, even he dropped out of school to stay there. So he nearly stayed in nightclubs whole day. In order to get the rights to stay there, he asked for some work to do.At the same time, he paid great attention on the breakthrough of the shoes designing.

"For the dancing girls, shoes is the most important, they should be not only comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, can let people look at a glance. I just got a simple idea that was to make these girls all put on the shoes I made and being looked more comfortable, beautiful and sexy Christian Louboutin .

At the age of 16, Christian Louboutin made his first pair of shoes in his life, although he did the selling everywhere, those dancers couldn’t believe in him. So he realized he must go through specialized training. Then, in 1981, by his friend’s introduction, he worked as an appentice at Follies Bergeres, and at the same time he also systematically studied shoemaking technology at Charles Jourdan to improve their shortcomings on craft Christian Louboutin. By talent, originality and confidence, Mr Christian Louboutin soon showed his up-and-coming ability in the industry Christian Louboutin Platforms. But then he hadn’t an idea of creating a brand, also not willing to join any groups, he worked for Chanel and YSL as a free workers.

In 1988, Christian Louboutin was persuaded by his friend to join the Roger Vivier company that specialized in the shoes producing which was subsidiary of Dior. With a master’s guidance, he got a higher improvement at the shoes producing technologies, and soon he was widely known by the people. In 1922, Christian Louboutin finally started his own brand Christian Louboutin Boots. He produced the colorful high-heeled shoes that was full of exotic emotional appeal. The media called it "independent of mainstream acura", then a big concern is available.

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