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Facebook announces invite applications for a job to plan to disclose ambition

12/01/2012 22:50 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

Facebook announces invite applications for a job to plan to disclose ambition

Facebook planslouis vuitton outlets to be in 2012 invite applications for a job thousands of person, should make public raise capital by floating shares what gregarious website is next year first (IPO) prepare.

This company plans to set office of a project newly in new York, this one plan will drive employee recruit. New York is the home of Facebook market sale and ad agency all the time, facebook already rented the office of 40 thousand square metre in new York at present, but this company is adjacent already reach brushstroke to trade, if reach, trade, will make louis vuitton outlets stores area of office of Facebook new York enlarges 40 thousand square metre again.

Facebook grows continuously, although confront the challenge with more formidable song of its competitor cereal. The user that Facebook has at present already exceeded 750 million person, although thislouis vuitton 2012 company keeps his mouth shut, but allegedly this company is in the net profit first half of the year amounted to 500 million dollar 2011.

Facebook decision set new project officelouis vuitton outlets store online in new York to also promote the city of new York image, new York all along is considered as high-tech feudal. Uncle case of grand of cloth of • of Er oflouis vuitton outlets online Michael of new York mayor (the plan that Michael Bloomberg) creates Facebook new office plans to be the one project bid that enlarges urban high-tech domain, emphasize saying he hopes " next Facebook " begin from new York.

Shu Mo of new York senator (Chuck Schumer) expresses, bulongbaige's effortauthentic louis vuitton outlets had seen a success, because the high-tech obtain employment of new York is in, the past grew 30% in a year, exceeded Silicon Valley and Boston.

Facebook this action makes the big news of new York city, because this company is global, use a fewlouis vuitton speedy months to be engineered meticulously especially, plan to be in a few short the success inside the month appears on the market.

(Article origin: Forbes Chinese louis vuitton outlets net. More and wonderful content, land Forbes please Chinese net Http:// )

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